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About Me:



My name is Kenny Akers. I am a family man and a military veteran who has served two decades of my life in our country's combat team. I have been fortunate enough to travel to fifty-two countries and live in two outside of the United States.


I came to the limelight when I took a stand during the George Floyd protests in my hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. I took action for change and made a promise to the black youth that day that I would find another alternative way from the riots and destruction. With the help of some news reporters recording my every speech and move, I immediately gained political attention, which catapulted me as a prominent figure in the civil rights movement in my city.


I have come a long way in my journey and gained an extensive resumé in the fight for equality. Now, I use my writing to educate people, give public speeches about my life experiences, and teach history to advocate for change. I created this website/tool to preserve black history for future generations so that they can access my material from the comfort of their homes and for interested adults who never received this side of history growing up.


Thank you for visiting and taking the time to learn and grow with me.


Much respect and love to you,


Kenny Akers

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