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Five excuses white people make when they deny they are being racist. 

Here are five common excuses that people make when denying they are being racist:

1. "I have friends of different races, so I can't be racist." This excuse suggests that having diverse friendships automatically absolves someone from engaging in racist behavior, which is not valid. Racism is a systemic issue that goes beyond individual relationships.

2. "I didn't mean it that way." This excuse implies that intent is the only factor that matters, disregarding the impact and consequences of their words or actions. It is essential to recognize that impact matters more than intent.

3. "I'm just speaking the truth." This excuse often arises when individuals make racially biased generalizations or stereotypes under the guise of honesty. It is crucial to challenge and critically examine these beliefs.

4. "I don't see color." This excuse suggests that ignoring race will solve the problem of racism. However, we need to acknowledge and appreciate the diverse experiences and perspectives that come with different racial backgrounds.

5. "Racism doesn't exist anymore." This excuse denies the existence of systemic racism and overlooks the ongoing inequalities and disparities faced by marginalized communities. Recognizing and addressing these issues is essential to promote equality for all.

Engaging in open and respectful conversations about racism is always vital. To have meaningful discussions when you have noticed you have made a mistake, try to actively listen to different perspectives other than your own and be open to reflection without denying your actions.

Do your best to stay calm and respectful. Lastly, using inclusive language helps create an environment that promotes understanding and empathy and can lead to a possible path of rectifying the issue after the initial impact.

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I've made similar if not the same responses because "how could I be racist? I don't feel hate."

It was a very, very, very hard thing for me to do to examine myself and find out just how deep the brokenness was within me, to say (at last), "yes, I'm racist."

The most freeing thing about discovering the truth is that as Jesus promised, the truth, when known, makes you free.

Until I went all the in, all the way down, all the way through, I couldn't be free. But going to that extent helped me discover why it is that I was formed to be a white racist - a nice one, of course, because I'm a nice guy,…

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